Understanding Procurement – An insider’s look for the sales profession

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Reading Time: < 1 minute

Greg Anderson of WNS Denali, comes with 2 decades of supply chain and sourcing expertise that will underpin a discussion with SaaSy Sales Leadership’s CEO, Matt Cameron that lifts the covers on this misunderstood and often undervalued function. [Scroll down for time markers]

If you are on either side of the sales/procurement relationship, then listen to this unprecedented 45mins of insights where you will learn:

  • How procurement works with the business to design outcome focused solution options
  • The structure and incentives of the procurement function
  • How procurement designs sourcing processes
  • Key aspects to consider in a bid/negotiation process
  • What you need to know about ‘beyond the sale’

After this session you will never look at an RFP the same way again.

Meet the Author

Matt is the managing partner at SalesOps Central and founder of SaaSy Sales Management, Silicon Valley’s Sales Management training and leadership community.

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