Hiring Well, Every Time

Your success depends on hiring well and ramping quickly – Most hiring managers are not equipped to do this consistently.

With the SaaSy sales candidate assessment tool and best practice hiring training, your managers will only make new hires that ramp to success in the shortest time possible.

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Past participants from SaaSy companies

We can build you a screening questionnaire that recommends candidates who will be in your top quartile and answer these questions:

How motivated are they and how are they motivated?

The desire to achieve is critical in sales – We will help you understand how motivated your people are to succeed and just what it is that motivates each individual.

What are their current sales capabilities?

Can your people differentiate themselves from the competition by asking questions, developing better relationships, demonstrating expertise and ultimately gaining trust through problem solving?  Let’s find out.

How effective are they at generating new business?

Your ‘best rep’ might actually be the one with the best existing accounts – We can help you determine where/who the hunters are.

Will they reach decision makers?

Reps being stuck with project owners, or the person who has been allocated the budget? We need people who can access the decision makers and approvers. Our assessment will shine a light on who does.

What sales training/development would be best for them?

No size fits all. Based on the findings of the SEIA we can tailor fit a sales training recommendation for you.

How effective are they at closing?

Do your reps secure the information and connections need for a straight forward close?

Do they follow an effective sales process?

Do you have a repeatable sales process? We are sure you do, so why are results unpredictable? Let’s find out.

Do they sell consultatively?

If you are selling solutions, then you are solving problems. There are always more than one option and she/he who wins is the person who educates the buyer. We can tell you who is doing that or who is capable of doing so.

Will they sell value?

Is discounting a problem for you? Reps telling you that there is no budget? Let’s sort that out.

Are you finding, hiring, and onboarding new salespeople correctly

Ramping faster is something we all need to focus on. The SEIA allows us to understand how to improve this. In an ARR/MRR world, every month of delay matters.

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Hire, develop, and accelerate your salesforce.

We’re here to help!

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“As a VP at Salesforce.com and several venture backed startups, I used psychometric and behavioral assessments like Predictive Index, Caliper and even DISC –  I found nothing came close to the validity of the sales specific Objective Management Group assessment that is now the standard at SaaSy.”

Matt Cameron
CEO SaaSy Sales Leadership
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