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Understanding the state of your revenue organization

If your org is underperforming or you recently took over a revenue organization, then it is critical you understand where the opportunity lies with people, process and technology. SaaSy implements the world’s #1 sales organization effectiveness assessment and we apply our decades of SaaS expertise to the outputs.

Meet Sales Effectiveness and Improvement Analysis

The Sales Effectiveness and Improvement Analysis (SEIA) is the single most important collection of information about your sales organization. The SEIA looks at the people, systems and strategies in your sales organization. It sheds light on potential problems with your hiring criteria, the quality of your pipeline, the effectiveness of your sales management efforts and whether your management team is on the same page.

We can tell you if your salespeople are capable of executing your strategies, how comfortable they are with your model for going to market, and the amount of business being lost as a result of weaknesses among your salespeople.

The SaaSy SEIA identifies the salespeople who should be performing better and what you must do in order to help them reach their potential. You’ll also learn who is trainable, how much training they’ll need and the kind of help from which each will benefit. If you are attempting to transition your company from good to great, you’ll learn which of your existing people should be on the bus, which seats they should be in and who should be off the bus.

In under 30 days we can help you answer questions like:

Underperforming teams might be victims of weak management, or it can be that your front line management is doing more harm than good.  The SEIA will tell you definitively where the issue is.

Are you asking solution relationship focused ‘account manager’ profiles to be provocative and consutative sellers?  People who are not closing deals fast enough or building enough pipe are usually just in the wrong role.

Can we sell consultatively?  Will we succeed in a market where the solution has never been bought before?  

Do your people have a strong goal centric desire AND the commitment needed to overcome challenges? Or will they fold when marketing don’t provide enough leads?  We can tell you who will finish a race with shin splints and who will walk off the track.

When a rep or manager has self-limiting beliefs in means that they can self-sabotage – Predestined for failure, they will drag your team down with them.

Are your hunters waiting to be fed like baby birds, or will they take flight and go in search of what they need?  We can tell you who will seek out new opportunities and open the doors of opportunity vs waiting for a knock.

Manage what matters and establish a strong following – This is what we need from our first and second line managers.  The SEIA will tell you how the ledger reads.

Can you managers motivate, coach, hold people accountable and take responsibility?  We will tell you.

We review your strategies as stated by leadership and help you see any gaps in executions.

Of late we have all learned that attracting, ramping and retaining talent was the most critical set of competencies to scale.  The SEIA ensures you are optimized in all areas.

Your managers may claim to be great coaches, but what is the IC experience?  We will help you uncover the blind-spots and quantify the impact of change.

The SEIA report and review will pin-point your biggest areas of opportunity for improvement. Together we can design a plan for the fastest improvement in productivity per head.

We can build you a screening questionnaire that recommends candidates who will be in your top quartile and answer these questions:

Can your people differentiate themselves from the competition by asking questions, developing better relationships, demonstrating expertise and ultimately gaining trust through problem solving?  Let’s find out.

The desire to achieve is critical in sales – We will help you understand how motivated your people are to succeed and just what it is that motivates each individual.

Your ‘best rep’ might actually be the one with the best existing accounts – We can help you determine wear/who the hunters are.

Reps being stuck with project owners, or the person who has been allocated the budget?  We need people who can access the decision makers and approvers.  Our assessment will shine a light on who does.

If you are selling solutions, then you are solving problems.  There are always more than one option and she/he who wins is the person who educates the buyer.  We can tell you who is doing that or who is capable of doing so.

Is discounting a problem for you?  Reps telling you that there is no budget?  Let’s sort that out.

Long sales cycles or ‘No decision’?  If it isn’t weak discovery and qualification, then it could be an inability to drive to closure.  We can turn that rock over and find out.

Ramping faster is something we all need to focus on.  The SEIA allows us to understand how to improve this.  In an ARR/MRR world, every month of delay matters.

Do you have a repeatable sales process?  We are sure you do, so why are results unpredictable?  Let’s find out.

No size fits all.  Based on the findings of the SEIA we can tailor fit a sales training recommendation for you.

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