Apply for the Diversity Scholarship Initiative

Since our inception in 2016 we have had a focus on supporting diversity in tech leadership – We are very proud to announce that we provide full scholarships to people who identify as belonging to an underrepresented community.  We would ask that if you work for a large org with an L&D budget (I am looking at you Slack, Box, Salesforce etc) that you work with them to get a funded course so we have room for those who don’t have this opportunity.  If you dont work for one of the biggies or if you are being overlooked, please accept our welcome to join.

Scholarship recipients attend our workshops and are able to join ongoing development groups that meet via Zoom once a month for 6 months. [See which course is best for you in the 'Courses' link above]


You know your field best. If you identify as a member of an underrepresented group in field, please submit your details below and we will let you know when we can include you in the program. Our only request is that you ask your employer to support the cost of the course first (So we can make space for those who otherwise would not be able to attend).

Desired Scholarship Course: