Leadership Foundations Program

SaaSy partners with HR professionals who want to co-create world-class leadership programs that deliver measurable ROI through revenue outcomes.

The Emotionally Intelligent Leader

We know that the world’s best leaders have developed high EQ and leverage this to get the best from their people through an inclusive and equitable approach. SaaSy is the world’s only organization that pairs EQ assessment and coaching with role-specific development – Our approach delivers the results expected of high-growth revenue organizations.

We believe that the combination of emotional and social functioning directed to a performance mindset is THE winning combination – We partner with HR & Revenue enablement professionals to develop world-class leaders through a combination of formal training, coaching, and peer accountability programs.

Our Leadership Foundations Program Includes

Emotional Intelligence Assessment and Coaching

A structured approach using an initial EQ-360 assessment that gives leaders the reality of how they show up at work and the implications for aspects of their role.

DEI, Unconscious Bias & Inclusive leadership

We help leaders understand how to attract, onboard, retain and get value from a diverse team that will outpace the competition due to the richness of representation.

Allyship & Advocacy

A focus on addressing the biases and imbalances for women in tech - This extension program is designed for male-identifying participants. Beginning with an assessment on a 7-point scale to advocacy, we help men understand how to receive and amplify the full potential of female-identifying team members.

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