In-house Programs: Sales Management & Leadership Training

SaaSy partners with enablement and revenue executives who want to co-create world-class leadership programs.

Partnering with Revenue Professionals

If you are building a legacy by creating a world-class management academy that delivers a step change in the performance of your revenue organization, then we would like to work with you. Together, we can create extraordinary programs that create real and lasting change.

RevenueEQ - Selling with Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is the key to higher productivity

In order for your leaders to drive productivity and build a culture of success, emotional intelligence must be at the forefront. You can assess and develop the competencies of your people using SaaSy’s  RevenueEQ system.

Develop Your Revenue Teams

SaaSy offers IC, management and leadership training for all revenue functions and underpin it with optional EQ assessment and development training.

Leadership Foundation

Allyship and Advocacy

A program that is grounded in emotional intelligence development, and supports men to be better allies to women in tech.

DEI, Unconscious Bias & Inclusive Leadership

This is a core component of our 'Leadership foundations' program and supports leaders in attracting, retaining and getting the best from a diverse team.

Emotional Intelligence Assessment and Coaching

The workshop incorporates the core principles of SE programs and organizations, and delivers innovative..

IC Role Competencies

SE Management

The workshop incorporates the core principles of SE programs and organizations, and delivers innovative...


This 6 hour program for execs is a unique program designed for founders, executives and leaders tasked with building partnership and channel strategies from the ground up


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