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Learn from leaders of the highest growth SaaS sales organizations in the world!


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CSM Manager Topics Covered

This is a handcrafted intensive program specifically for leaders of SaaS and software Customer Success Managers (CSMs). The very best practices as deployed by the fastest-growing Silicon Valley companies are taught and reinforced by this one-of-a-kind program.

Discover just how important a high functioning and productive Customer Success team is to a company’s overall success.

We will talk through all the different responsibilities of a Customer Success leader and the top priorities to focus on in order to have a happy and high functioning team. 

Explore the new 5 roles you must play in your management capacity and how to balance them.

We will talk through the lifecycle of a customer and you will learn commonly used terms to describe important phases and events along the way. 

Explore the basics of dividing your customers into groups based on certain characteristics in order to determine the appropriate support level needed.

You will learn the importance of reporting on key success metrics and leading indicators in order to drive individual and team performance.

Improving the communication between your CSM and their customers can be one of the most important things you do as a CS leader. You will learn how to deliver conversational feedback in a simple and effective way.

We will walk through the ideal 1:1 structure and best practices in order to make 1:1s both effective and enjoyable for you and your CSM.

You will learn how to run impactful team meetings and maximize the time spent with your team.

As a manager, it can be hard to juggle everything that is on your plate. You’ll learn best practices when it comes to managing your time and ensuring top priorities are taken care of.

We will walk through the benefits of doing a quarterly account review with your team in order to effectively plan ahead and approach renewals and retention risks with a strategic, proactive approach.

You will learn a CS focused framework to effectively coach your CSMs and improve performance. We also will walk through how to deliver feedback to your CSM in a way that leaves them feeling energized and motivated to exceed expectations.

Your organization is only as good as its people. We will show you how to build a world-class team with insights from the world class recruiters and HR professionals.

Culture is everything – We will teach you all the critical moments for building and reinforcing a culture that attracts and retains top quartile talent.

Key to your success is internal influence – We will discuss how to set expectations, press your agenda and get what your team needs.

When is the next course?

Oct 5-7 and 12-14 (Tue,Wed,Thu) from 8-10am PT (Available Worldwide)


Standard ticket $1,400 – Sales end on Oct 1, 2021

Early bird (limited number) $1,200 – Sales end on Sep 5, 2021

Add-ons: Manager Psychometric Assessment $300 – Sales end on October 4, 2021

The Course Experience

Learn from leaders of the highest growth SaaS sales organizations in the world!

Live-Virtual course program

Your program includes a healthy blend of short pre-work videos and exercises, which are followed by live, instructor-led working groups at the SaaSy ‘Virtual Vegas Campus’ - A unique learning environment that gets you out of Zoom and into an exciting new environment to work with peers.

Certification & Community

Clubs & ‘Level-Ups’

We have membership-based clubs and ‘level-up’ add-on programs that you can participate in to keep sharpening the saw and taking your career to the next level.

Once inside the campus, you can explore all the available options.

Ongoing Support

Everyone is invited to join a small group who meet monthly to set goals, address challenges, and grow together.


Have more than 6 people in a single discipline?

SaaSy can craft modular in-house programs based on our public course curriculum that are tailored to your context. Send us a note and we will be in touch to discuss how we can support you.

Live-Virtual Course Options

Our bootcamps sell out fast so make sure to register at the location of your choosing. We keep the events to a small group in order to give all Sales Managers the attention they deserve.

Dates or locations no good? Let us know what you need. Call us at (650) 450-4951


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