Proved: More women leaders = More $

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Not that this should be a surprise to you, but if you aren’t taking gender diversity seriously, then you are going to get outpaced by the competitor that does. Once again, OpenView Partners have released an illuminating benchmark report that all SaaS leadership should download. Here is what I want to bring to your attention:

The numbers say it all – The top quartile is head and shoulders above the rest in terms of growth – Now compare the % of women in leadership between the two… At EVERY level the top quartile have a high % of female leaders and higher growth! I would now like to see OpenView include questions around ethnic diversity to see what that does for a business.

I have been vocal about this subject for years and my small contribution is to give 10% of all our sales leadership training seats as scholarships to rising female leaders. I am calling to all executives out there to do yourself a favor and review whether you are building an org that attracts and retains the incredible resource that is available within female leadership.

It’s ok if you don’t though – because your competition will and then you will lose relevance…

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Matt is the managing partner at SalesOps Central and founder of SaaSy Sales Management, Silicon Valley’s Sales Management training and leadership community.

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