Podcast # 3 Erica Rabb, VP Commercial Sales at Salesforce

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In this episode we speak with Erica Rabb, VP Commercial Sales at Salesforce. Erica will help youthink through the shift from large employer to small (and back again), and she shares some very tactical insights on bridging the gap between work and home life. Let’s get into it.

The SaaSy Podcast pulls seasoned veterans from the SaaSy Sales community and shines a spotlight on them so that they can share their knowledge with you and help provide growth in your career. SaaSy is a collection of SaaS industry veterans who have created a structured GTM development program with a collegiate community of alumni at https://www.saasysalesmanagement.com,

Meet the Author

Matt is the managing partner at SalesOps Central and founder of SaaSy Sales Management, Silicon Valley’s Sales Management training and leadership community.

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