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Partnering with enablement professionals

If you are an enablement professional who is looking to build a legacy by creating a world-class management academy that delivers a step change in the performance of your revenue organization, then we would like to work with you. Our consultants are all revenue leaders who have many years working with enablement professionals and know from experience that you are the star of this show and we enjoy being the supporting cast to create extraordinary programs that create real and lasting change. We also know that in order to be successful we need to partner with revenue operations to ensure that our inspection processes and management operating system is institutionalized - We help you close the loop with them and ensure your managers have the tools they need to do the job.

Who works with us?

We work with organizations who have enablement professionals in-seat and who have typically deployed a structured enablement program for their ICs, and are now looking to build out a management development program. The most common areas we address are:

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Program design contributors

Matt Cameron

Sales Leadership

Aaron Zukoski

Sales Development

Misha McPherson

Sales Enablement

Jami Zakem

Customer Success

Stephen Morse

Sales Engineering

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