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SaaS organizations live and die by hitting pipeline targets and you are holding the keys to success in how you manage your team. This world first in sales development management brings together the best practices of the fastest growing SaaS organizations in the world. If you are within your first 2 years of SDR/BDR management, then this program is designed specifically for you.

When is the next course?

Oct 18-21 from 8-10am PT and Oct 22 from 8-11am PT (Mon-Fri) (Available Worldwide)

Cost: Standard ticket $1,400.00 – Sales end October 15, 2021

Early bird (limited number)- $1,200.00 – Sales end September 18, 2021

Session Topics Covered

This is a handcrafted intensive program specifically for SaaS and software sales managers. The very best practices as deployed by the fastest growing Silicon Valley companies are taught and reinforced by this one of a kind program.

Understanding the different profiles of BDR/SDR organization based on context. We discuss velocity vs enterprise models and how to structure to support each.

Understand the North Star of the sales organization and what the BDR org is responsible for.

Understand the North Star of the sales organization and what the BDR org is responsible for.

Master your universe of accounts

Tier your accounts, understand your territory and attack in the market

Dig deep and train your SDR’s on what companies are buying, why are they buying, who in the organization is purchasing and who is in their sphere of influence

Understand the performance of the SDR org as a whole and dig deeper into each of your reps business.

Build out a world class tool suite so your reps can meet and exceed their targets. Learn the basics of data operations -getting data – cleaning data – using data – updating data.

At the end of the day the it is our duty to find and attract the best talent in the market and build their capability to launch their career journey. Build out a clear and transparent path for you BDR’s to the next level. They will love you for it and put in the extra effort along the way.

The best way to learn is by doing. With that said learn how to build out a 30-60-90 plan so you can your reps up for success.

Working with your manager is equally as important. Learn how to Manage up and across the organization with other departments such as Marketing, Sales and Sales Operations.

Build a team culture of togetherness, transparency, collaboration, communication and having fun.

The SaaSy Experience

Learn from leaders of the highest growth SaaS sales organizations in the world!

Live-Virtual Course Program

Your program includes a healthy blend of short pre-work videos and exercises, which are followed by live, instructor-led working groups at the SaaSy ‘Virtual Vegas Campus’ – A unique learning environment that gets you out of Zoom and into an exciting new environment to work with peers.



  • Graduates have a true sense of accomplishment
  • Private Slack community
  • Optional ‘Accountability’ and peer support group meet-ups



  • Post-training Learning Management System
  • Graduates have industry-recognized proof of knowledge gained which can lead to faster promotions

Clubs & ‘Level-Ups’

We have membership-based clubs and ‘level-up’ add-on programs that you can participate in to keep sharpening the saw and taking your career to the next level. Once inside the campus, you can explore all the available options.

Ongoing Support

Everyone is invited to join a small group who meet monthly to set goals, address challenges, and grow together.


  • Retention of key principles
  • Brain trust of peers who support decision making and problem solving
  • Ongoing accountability and professional growth

Past participants

Joe Seagraves
Joe Seagraves
Enterprise Sales Development Manager, at CrowdStrike
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The topics are relevant and presented by practitioners who have been there and done it. They are rooted in real-world situations and arm you with what you need to do good work. I was able to come back to Austin with a network of other leaders who have already helped me to navigate difficult situations in my day to day role.
Mike Anderson
Mike Anderson
VP of Global Sales, Stackla
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The courses are built for B2B SaaS, by people who know and have lived and been successful in the B2B SaaS world. The concepts and tools shared are based on practical experience, they work and they are scalable. Instructors are very personable and deeply knowledgable. The network created within the SaaSy program is highly valuable after the event to share best practices.
Justin Gandelman
Justin Gandelman
Director Insides Sales, Accelo
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It was a great collection of SDR leaders from different organizations, industries, and segments. The content delivered by Aaron and Matt spurred great conversations about challenges each individual was facing in his/her org, and allowed people with diverse background to provide potential solutions or challenge how you're thinking about the problem.
Jordan VanGilder
Jordan VanGilder
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I really enjoyed the content as it covered all aspects of the SDR manager role - Having a wide range of experience in the room was very exciting for me - learning from people who have been around business for much longer than I and also the feedback from first time managers really helps you put into perspective what you are doing on a daily basis.

Live-Virtual Course Options

Our bootcamps sell out fast so make sure to register at the location of your choosing. We keep the events to a small group in order to give all Sales Managers the attention they deserve.

Dates or locations don’t work for you? Let us know what you need. Chat with us 24/7.


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