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The Program

This is the capstone program within the SaaSy Sales Leadership curriculum; designed and delivered by leaders who have walked in your shoes. This 5 month ‘By approval’ live virtual program is a carefully curated development program that brings together executive revenue leaders charged with building a predictable sales machine.

This program has been developed in collaboration with executives and investors who have built and supported the highest growth organizations in SaaS. A bi-weekly 90 minute program that runs over 5 months, includes a blend of live lectures, exercises to apply the learning and Slack channel support, the process continues with live AMAs with subject matter experts and peer support groups.

Our hands-on program will leave you confident in your ability to make the right strategic choices for your go to market model and the ability to execute through hiring and managing a high performance management team. We have brought together functional leaders from all areas to build you a framework for analyzing your business and building it out with confidence, supported by a network of SaaS executives all facing the same challenges.

The Agenda

Past Participants

Leah Belsky
Leah Belsky
Chief Enterprise Officer, Coursera
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"I had a fantastic experience with the SaaSy Sales training and highly recommend it to any enterprise revenue leaders looking to take themselves and their organizations to the next level. I'd also recommend it to any first time CEO looking to build an enterprise revenue organization as it'll make you much more effective in hiring and managing revenue leaders. I attended the CRO bootcamp and promptly enrolled my sales and SDR managers in the other trainings. What I loved about the training is that Matt and his team have pulled together all the best practices and templates for every part of the CRO playbook. It gives you a chance to step back and assess which parts of your own playbook are solid and which need improvement. I wish I'd taken it a year ago before spending endless hours building from scratch! I'm also thrilled that our team leads will be part of a smaller group of top sales leaders so they have an outside group to consult, share, and growth with as we continue our growth. Thanks for building this awesome curriculum and community, Sassy Sales. You're making us all better!"
Dan Kessler
Dan Kessler
President & COO Energage
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"The VP Sales course is a must for any sales leader of any experience level in a growth-oriented, SaaS company. The breadth of content, peer-to-peer learning, and real-time problem solving delivered both immediate value and sustainable impact beyond the course itself. Rest assured, you will leave energized, full of ideas, and with actionable takeaways that can be implemented immediately.”
Gary Mendel
Gary Mendel
Vice President Worldwide Sales at Nebbiolo Technologies
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I recently attended SaaSy's VP program and must say it was a big WOW! There is a lack of tactical and actionable sales leadership training for VPs of Sales and this course addresses that gap. The course covers a broad range of subjects from financial modeling your SaaS sales plan to increasing sales performance to how and what to present to a board of directors. There is also a workbook and a set of templates that provide a framework to work the range of topics we deal with as sales leaders – a great set of reference tools. I’ve been a VP of Sales for over 15 years and wish I had this type of training early on. It's a great value.

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