SaaSy ‘Playmakers'

The premier VP of Sales development program

The program

This is the capstone program within the SaaSy Sales Leadership curriculum; designed and delivered by leaders who have walked in your shoes. This 6 month ‘By approval’ live virtual program is a carefully curated development program that brings together executive revenue leaders charged with building a predictable sales machine.

This program has been developed in collaboration with executives and investors who have built and supported the highest growth organizations in SaaS. Commencing with a 10 week 'Sprint' with a blend of live lectures, exercises to apply the learning and Slack channel support, the program continues with live AMAs with subject matter experts and peer support groups.
Our hands-on program will leave you confident in your ability to make the right strategic choices for your go to market model and the ability to execute through hiring and managing a high performance management team. We have brought together functional leaders from all areas to build you a framework for analyzing your business and building it out with confidence, supported by a network of SaaS executives all facing the same challenges.

The Agenda

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