Managing Managers

A SaaSy Level-up Program

Level-up Details

  • Dates:  July 12 July 26 (PT/AUS/NZ)
  • Cost: USD$750

Who should do this and why?

This ‘level-up’ is designed to help the first time 2nd level manager understand the role and excel from day 1. You will learn how to align the team, see around corners and making an impact through data driven insights and internal influence.

This hands on program begins with a confidential behavioral assessment that will guide you during your 2 week cohort based learning experience. We explore all the key attributes of the role and provide you with the knowledge and opportunity to apply it during this highly engaging program.

How this will level you up:

“Hands down the best training I have attended in my career in SaaS! If you are looking for personal development, extremely useful content, great teachers, and the ability to be apart of an amazing community look no further.”

Parker Eide

Sales Development Manager, Gong

Designed for the busy leader.

All level-ups are a combination of self paced video and reading exercises that are completed in advance of live,  expert led sessions.  You can engage every day or pull a ‘Netflix binge’ and wait until the weekend to catch up (This is what most people do).  We record all live sessions as well, so if you get pulled into that last minute emergency meeting, we have got you covered.

It is more than just a series of lectures.

Every SaaSy level-up is designed to help you understand key concepts, discuss how they work in your live session and through the support of your peers in cohort based Slack channels (You are grouped according to company industry and size).  At the end of the ‘level-up’ you will be assigned a final project that will be immediately applicable to your work and accelerate your trajectory.

What happens when you sign-up

Upon sign-up you will be sent a SaaSy calendar with all the live sessions and reminders of when the pre-work will be released.  This will be followed by a behavioral assessment that can be completed at your leisure.  Your experience coordinator will be in touch with guidance on who/what/when and how for the entire experience.

1hr Live session dates July (US West+AU/NZ time-zone)

Mon July 12:  4pm PT; 9am AEST Tue July 13 [Welcome session]
Thu July 15:  4pm PT; 9am AEST Fri July 16
Tue July 20:  4pm PT; 9am AEST Tue July 21
Mon July 26:  4pm PT; 9am AEST Tue July 27

Reserve your seat in the program

April 5 - April 19

Weekly live @ 8-9am PT; 4-5 GMT Tue or Thu

July 11-26

Weekly live @ 4-5 PT; 9-10am AEST Mon/Thu-Tue/Fri