The next wave of the world’s best SaaS sales managemenrs

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As I sat looking at the majestic East Bay bridge in San Francisco on a recent evening I knew something special was happening. Looking around the room I was greeted by the proud smiles and cheery demeanor of 18 people who had put the hard work in and graduated from Silicon Valley’s rigorous Frontline SaaS sales management program.

With a certification pass rate of only 53%, this room was full of the best of the best – People who have demonstrated that they both understand and are executing on SaaS sales management best practices as prescribed by industry giants from whom the curriculum is built. Over the preceding few months everyone had submitted evidence that they had unleashed their newly acquired knowledge and could stand shoulder to shoulder with any hyper growth sales leader you care to name.

As graduates, the people below are now part of a private social network (Thanks to @mobilize ) and have access to an ‘insider’s only’ content platform (Thank you @Saleshood), plus in-person private dinners thanks to great hosts like @insightsquared. The exciting thing is that we are expanding globally with NZ Trade & Enterprise bringing us to New Zealand, Hubspot hosting Dublin and shortly we will be announcing Hong Kong!

If you or your managers would like to be a part of this exciting global community, then jump on board by signing up or registering interest for future programs here. [Bay Area Oct 24-25 and NYC Nov 1-2]

I am excited to watch the careers of the folks from this cohort (Not to mention to invest in their companies):

Erica Rabb-True Anthem; Matt Ball-Insightly; Brandon Ness-WalkMe; Dan Murphy-Culture Amp; Chris Wheeler-Stackla; Annelies Husmann-Mode Analytics; Armand Hershowitz-Google; Rieve MacEwen-Insightly; Jack Yandell-Box; Suzanne Sizer-Entelo; Kevin Franicis-(Ex-Workday); Ben Earle-AdRoll; Chris Fanaberia-WalkMe; Evan Kravitz-Optimizely; Nick Pyne-Canto.

Meet the Author

Matt is the managing partner at SalesOps Central and founder of SaaSy Sales Management, Silicon Valley’s Sales Management training and leadership community.

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