Your sales organization has a sales methodology but STILL isn’t performing predictably because they aren’t consistently doing what they have been taught to.

The reason for this is that aspects of their mindset and disposition are holding them back.

We can fix this by assessing emotional Intelligence for sales (We call it RevenueEQ) and then writing a development prescription unique to every IC and manager. We follow the ADKAR model to drive effective behavioral change:


Helping your ICs and Managers understand how their RevenueEQ impacts their ability to perform each aspect of their role


Our certified EQ coaches are former sales leaders who will help your team see the performance benefits of developing their EQ competencies.


Through individual coaching and group workshops we will empower your people with the knowledge they need to improve sales/management effectiveness to deliver higher win rates, less discounting and more accurate forecasting.


We support managers and sales enablement with exercises, prompts and role plays to ensure that ICs can use newly emphasized EQ competencies in the real world.


We enable managers to map their own EQ competencies to that of their ICs in order to facilitate the most appropriate coaching and training reinforcement for skills development.

We have distinct programs for Sales, Sales Development, Customer Success, Channel Managers and their leadership.

Example modules:

emotionally intelligent

Emotionally Intelligent Prospecting

A full funnel cures most problems and we will dramatically improve opportunity creation by developing the sense of Self-regard, Optimism, Assertiveness, Stress-tolerance and Relationship skills of your ICs. We reduce call hesitancy and increase activity through helping ICs connect to purpose and quiet any self-limiting beliefs.


Every good deal is built on a foundation of sound discovery. We will help your ICs build credibility by establishing a firm grasp of reality, enhanced problem solving, and leaning into assertiveness to gain stakeholder access and the information needed for a complete needs analysis.

stakeholder connection

Stakeholder Connection

The number of decision-making stakeholders continues to increase and we will help your ICs connect authentically with each person in the process through empathy, genuine self-expression and candor. This process ensures that all influences and motivations are confirmed before proceeding to a proposal.


Whether you do proofs of concept or simply provide case studies and references, it is critical that your salespeople negotiate appropriate give-gets and gain agreement on what solution validation looks like. We will eliminate trials and POCs that go nowhere due to engaging with no-influence ‘See-mores’ who waste time and resources.


Negotiate and Close

We will halt the constant requests for discounts and deal slippage, through developing impulse control, self-regard, stress-tolerance and emotional self-awareness. ICs who have well balanced EQ competencies are able to credibly defend price with value and ensure that negotiations are done only with those who have the power to approve the decision.

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