SaaSy Partnerships

The following organizations are providing valuable services to the SaaSy community and we commend them to you.

Leadership and support function hiring:

We focus exclusively on the go to market management talent who have built/managed or supported high growth organizations like yours. If you have found a repeatable, scalable sales motion and have a successful sales team in place already, then we have the middle management that you need. Every person hired delivers you a credit for any SaaSy Sales management course!

Technology decisions:

Our friends over at Vendor Neutral have a free tool that short cuts your salestech selection process. You’ll get a customized report instantly, showing the technology to consider based on your unique needs. Powerful stuff. We encourage you to click here if you’re looking for a tool that can help you with your salestech buying decisions

Edvo has broken the recruiting mold and finds SDRs, CSMs and junior AEs who are pre-qualified using AI to match them to Your requirements. The best part is it is FREE to employers! They charge candidates 2% of their salary upon placement.

Skaled is a modern sales consulting firm that helps companies implement best in class sales and marketing processes and technology to drive real results. Many SaaSy alumni companies have brought Skaled in to accelerate the scaling of their systems and processes – We like Skaled a lot.