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In the first 2-3 years of your sales operations journey? We are here to support you with the best practices and real tools that will help you build a world class Sales Operations practice. This course not only gets you up to speed with the latest thinking in sales ops for high growth orgs, but also provides you with hands on tools to help you build your own strategic plans. You will walk out of this program with actual tools and calculators so you can implement new strategic plans immediately for your business, as well as connect you to a new network of top notch sales operations professionals.

The Sales Operations Manager Workshop Agenda

These are the very best practices as deployed by the fastest growing Silicon Valley companies are taught and reinforced by this one of a kind program.

Today you might be an army of one, an army of few, or even have no one purely focused on Sales Operations. You will learn how to build a Sales Operation org from the ground up, as well as learn your own progression path.

Building a successful Go To Market (GTM) strategy and execution plan is essential for a rapidly growing company. You will learn how to uplevel your own organization through best practice sharing, coaching, and hands on training where you will build an actual GTM of your own.

Once your territories and compensation plans are in place, how do you make sure the sales team runs efficiently? We will discuss rules of engagement, playbooks, ongoing skill training and understanding how much change to implement and when.

Tracking requests and CRM tickets can be daunting. We will discuss proper communication plans, release management tips and how to keep your data hygiene clean.

One of the most difficult parts of running Sales Operations is managing the communication divide between sales and marketing. Learn how to gain executive support, how to work across and with multiple orgs and build a collaborative culture of success.

Building reports and dashboards is part of the role, but how do you go from an order taker to an insight maker? We will show you how to digest data into manageable insights for your CRO. We will learn how to be proactive in data analysis and reporting on metrics they are not used to seeing.

Territory planning, compensation design, sales process & methodology, forecasting… there is so much to learn in Sales Operations. We will learn the basics of good sales operations, while building up a network of support.

Good time (and self) management is critical to your success. Here, we’ll discuss good time management frameworks, how to focus and prioritize, and what gets in the way of you doing your best work.

We’ll close out day two by sharing a framework to manage your work and life blend/balance, and talking through the key elements in your self care routines. Learn how to manage stress, and deal with inappropriate clients as part of this module, as well as setting healthy boundaries with key stakeholders in your life.

“The peer-to-peer learning and education connected me with people who are solving the exact same problems, but in different contexts.”

Travis Hutchins

Marketing Operations

Past participants

Travis Hutchins
Travis Hutchins
Marketing Operations Coordinator, Global Partners
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The templates and hands on exercises were fantastic for getting the 2-3 actionable changes that you could start implementing at your job immediately. The peer-to-peer learning and education connected me with people who are solving the exact same problems, but in different contexts. I now keep in touch with my classmates as well as the broader SaaSy alumni network (Slack, in-person events, etc).
Melissa Ross
Melissa Ross
Global Program Manager , Asana
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The course did an excellent job of covering the different pillars of sales operations, which can be fairly unique from one another, or very overlapping, depending on the size of the Org. The instructor was very knowledgeable and did a great job of using her experience to guide the course. The community + networking opportunities have also proven very interesting and valuable!