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As builders of pipeline, our ability to make digital work is now more critical than ever.  This is a special interactive, live virtual workshop of 5 * 90min sessions helping you deliver pipeline in a time when in-person events are not an option.


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This 5 session (90min each) live-virtual interactive workshop was designed for high-performing professionals who want to level up marketing efforts at their startup. You’ll learn best practices on messaging and positioning, how to deliver qualified marketing pipeline, and how to establish an inbound marketing engine that will set your team up for long-term success.

A Roadmap to Demand Generation Success

Getting alignment from your team is critical for marketing success. Over the course of two days we’ll show you how to build a plan that everyone can get behind, starting with highly targeted messaging and ending with the technology and tactics to see your plan through. After this workshop you’ll be ready to share your marketing vision confidently with leadership, sales, product and customer success.

Nailing your messaging

Having the right messaging and positioning is critical to driving demand. We will give you the tools you need to ensure your messaging delivers the best results.

In a startup focus is everything. By having your entire company clear on who your ideal customers are, you’ve set yourself up well.

Creating personas doesn’t have to be complicated, learn a very simple way to create your personas that the company can understand.

We will work you through a step-by-step process on how to build your messaging manifesto. Learn why building your messaging manifesto before spending a dime on demand generation is the smartest decision you can make.

Generating demand at scale

The role of the modern marketer is to help drive the business forward, we will show you how it's done.

Structure your inbound marketing engine to scale pipeline long after you build it.

Here we will walk you through a company’s sales plan so you can interpret your companys’ numbers and understand what your sales team needs to succeed.

All attendees get a spreadsheet to work on live in the workshop. By the end of the session you will know how many website visitors, leads, opportunities you need to succeed.

What are the key slides you need to create to ensure you get buy-in from your leadership team.  How to choose your marketing objectives, and how to frame what you want to focus on.

Creating a campaign and campaign themes immediately shows how strategic you are, leave behind the one-off tactics and start showing the team how you can deliver results and be strategic at the same time.

We walk you through real-life examples of how to choose which channels are the best for the type of business your running, and we will share with you when to kill programs.

We’ve heard offers make a difference in growing pipeline throughout the funnel. Let your content deliver outsized contribution.

Create the right marketing mix between programs and headcount

Metrics & Marketing Operations

You need to know what's working, and how to scale your marketing programs, we will give you the critical metrics you need to run your business.

What to concentrate on, identify what are your marketing leading indicators

We look at how other companies are building their marketing stack.

Establish a cadence of inspection points, and meetings. It’s vital to keep your stakeholders informed every step of the way.

As a startup you’re always going to need outside help with contractors. We will share with you how to get the most out of the relationships.

Under the hood stories of how campaigns have failed and what we’ve learnt along the way.

We refer to these resources all the time to give us inspiration and guidance.


We will share with you a project plan that sums up the two days and how to execute it when you’re back in the office. 

Demand Generation Workshop sessions

We will be building assets together and therefore our workshops are limited to 15 participants.  Sessions are conducted at times that work for the US and UK/Ireland:  8am-9:30am PT = 3pm-4:30pm GMT

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