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VP Sales

This is the capstone program within the SaaSy Sales Leadership curriculum; designed and delivered by leaders who have walked in your shoes. This 6 month ‘By approval’ live virtual program is a carefully curated development program that brings together executive revenue leaders charged with building a predictable sales machine.

AE Sales Management

Designed for the AE manager in the first 3 years of the role, with an emphasis on the tactical elements of team productivity and maximizing the value received from available resources.

Sales Enablement

A hands-on approach to to building world-class enablement for the first time practitioner.

Demand Generation

This intensive, two-day workshop was designed for high-performing professionals who want to level up marketing efforts at their startup. You’ll learn best practices on messaging and positioning, how to deliver qualified marketing pipeline, and how to establish an inbound marketing engine that will set your team up for long-term success.

SDR Management

Stepping up from team lead to full management is a big leap. We are here to support you with best practices in team development, systems, processes and managing key stakeholders.


Two programs:
Exec: This 2 * 3hr program for execs is a unique program designed for founders, executives and leaders tasked with building partnership and channel strategies from the ground up.
IC: The 2 * 3hr workshop is designed for partner and channel managers early in their career, those in need of rounding out their experience with best practices and those contemplating a career move into partner management.

Sales Operations

In the first 2-3 years of your sales operations journey? We are here to support you with the best practices and real tools that will help you build a world class Sales Operations practice.

Customer Success Management

As caretakers of customer value, your role could not be more critical. Join this 6 session program to learn how to excel in your role.